Alaska Careers

Anchorage, Alaska skyline at sunset

Welcome to the State of Alaska. Please see a few reasons why the Anchorage is a great place to live and work.

  • Incredible outdoor recreation, wildlife and parks within Anchorage. People, generally, are extremely outdoorsy in one way or another.
  • It’s the last frontier. People come to Alaska because it’s huge and sparsely populated. There are also a lot of creative “counter culture” people living truly adventurous lives, doing unusual stuff.
  • The wilderness is right there, on your doorstep. Alaska is wild and almost inconceivably huge – and it’s just on the edge of Anchorage.
  • You can fish for wild salmon in Ship Creek, see bears in Far North Bicentennial Park (or on your lawn) and see moose almost every day.
  • Seafood is available everywhere, you can eat as much Salmon as you can and or catch.
  • Wonderful downhill and cross country skiing that’s still affordable.
  • Outdoors activities- If you like to camp, back pack, hike, bike, kayak, mountain climb, snow board, fish, ice skate, etc. There is no better place to be.
  • Clean Air.
  • Bald Eagles are everywhere.
  • No Traffic ever!
  • Mind-blowing natural beauty.