WorkSite Solutions

Employers pay more than 15 to 20 billion dollars in workers’ compensation costs each year.  Eighty (80) percent of workplace injuries are due to worker habits and more than half are musculoskeletal (sprains and strains) in nature.

The main objective of the VibrantCare Rehabilitation’s WorkSiteSolutions program is to team with workers’ compensation professionals to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries while also achieving the highest levels of employee functionality.

From construction companies to aircraft manufactures to distribution centers to municipalities to movie production companies and all the industries in between;  VibrantCare works with all types of national, regional and local companies.

Our specially trained staff creates an individual and cost effective treatment plan for every patient in our outpatient facilities and maintains consist contact with our workers’ compensation colleagues through our internal case management department. We also provide this same individual attention in our on-site prevention and management programs.

Primary Services:

Functional Capacity Evaluations

An FCE is a comprehensive battery of performance based tests commonly used to determine ability for work, activities of daily living or leisure activities. The FCE quantifies safe functional abilities and is a pivotal resource for:

  • Return-to-work and job placement decisions
  • Disability evaluation
  • Determination of how non-work-related illness and injuries impact work performance
  • Determination of functioning in non-occupational settings
  • Intervention and treatment planning
  • Case management and case closure

Work Conditioning

A program designed to address the physical issues of flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and work-related function for the global outcome of return to work.

Ergonomic Assessment

The assessment of worker posture, physical and muscular work demands, equipment and workplace design, environmental factors and keyboard utilization to minimize the risk or aggravation of an injury and maximize productivity. Includes recommendations for workstation adjustments and equipment modifications.

Job Task Analysis

A professional evaluation of the workplace that includes a biomechanical description of the job, observed risks, and a prioritized list of corrective recommendations suggested to abate these risks.

Athletic Therapy Services

An onsite prevention program designed to be triage in nature – providing first response evaluation and assessment of soft tissue aches and pains at an employer’s property.  This program is provided by Certified Athletic Trainers working with employees who experience discomfort such as soft tissue aches and pains.

Additional Services:

  • On-Site Physical Therapy
  • New Hire Capability Testing
  • Post-Offer/Pre-Placement Screens
  • New Hire Screens
  • Injury Prevention Training
  • Injury Prevention Education Programs